Your First Crypto Wallet

By secure hosting service, decentralized storage, Boolwallet perfectly solved the safety and inconvenience problem during using wallet.

Earn Your Cryptocurrency

Sign in Boolwallet to play games and earn your cryptowallet  For Free.

Easy to Use

Simple and easy, no need to understand blockchain to get started

Encrypted Chat

Encrypted transmission and display, prevent screen peeking and info stealing

Safe & No Worries

Hot and cold storage, professional risk control, anti-hacking, full payment of asset loss

Multiple wallet mode to fulfill variable demands

Cloud Wallet

• Built for entry-level users, easy to use

• Only mobile number is needed to achieve asset management

• Multiple security risk control systems to ensure wallet asset safety

Local Wallet

• mnemonics offline stored to keep your asset safe

• One set of mnemonics to manage multiple wallets, easy and convenient

• Export mnemonics at any time, convenient to transfer asset

Featured Dapp, play what you want

By creating open and high-quality DAPP ecosystem, providing the latest and most popular DAPP games, introducing multi-chain applications, to take you into an unprecedented game world. Ultimate experience, play what you want without switching

Our Team members


Marketing Manager

•  Responsible for promotion of Boolwallet on different social channels. 

•  Develop and manage communities through social network.

•  Organize and promote evens, activities and meetups with our users.


Business cooperator

•  Conduct scheduled tracking on cooperated business project. 

•  Build business relationship with third parties and our partners.

•  Support our team members in cooperated project on communication and execution.

Henry Morrf

Community Manager

•  Build and promote Boolwallet community around the world

•  Responsible for producing promoting video on Youtube.

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