AMA in BoolWallet group 6th May

BoolWallet hold an AMA event in official group online.

There are some interesting questions which has been picked to get 100TRX per person.

Before that, It’s necessary to get to know the guest in this AMA event.

[Henry Morrf-Group manager]: Hey, I’m Henry. You can call me nickname EoEo when there are other guys has same name. I responsible for community operation as you saw it. So, it’s great work to talk with users come from around the world.

[Oaul-Dataanalyst]:Hi, I’m Oaul. My major work in Boolwallet is to support our development team for data research and analysis based on our user’s performance and feedback.

=Question1=I love BoolWallet, and whether you guys have been somewhat cautious in estimating the size of the crypto market? Why your team develop coinfree instead of adding it in BoolWallet?

=Answered by Henry Morrf:

The highlight is we must begin the new journey if we want to invest more funny games for users. Let’s make it clear, there are some users don’t like play games in wallet while another people think we should provide more games and more tasks to help them win more free coins. None of you there is nothing wrong, the only and perfect solution is we need to carve-out the mainly features in “Earn coins”, contains more games, more bets, more tasks, and no doubt more coins. Which enhances the value of itself.

We call it “CoinFree” , and create the first home for him: .

=Question2=What is the difference from many other wallets, and how to handle security for wallets?

=Answered by Henry Morrf:

I recommended the internal test version of boolwallet to my friends along with other products. They all agreed that boolwallet was better because it was simpler.

Yes, let me make it clear, blockchain security should never be a concern for users. If the wallet team is unable to solve the security problem, it will throw out just complex concepts to users interested in digital assets. So, BoolWallet choose another way, That means developers provided the requisite safety for users when you have cloud account in BoolWallet.

Using BoolWallet may be very simple for you. You can’t even find the difference between it and PayPal. This is the huge change brought about by ease of use. Maybe you can recommend it to your grandma,:)

=Question3=Can you explain how hard it is for you to manage data and keep it safe. Do you think our data is safe with boolwallet. Question to oaul

=Answer by Oaul:

Of course, your asset in Boolwallet is certainly safe and no loss may ever happen. It is indeed hard to keep all user’s data safe based our current performance in market, and that a major reason to come up our new app, Coinfree to take more users and secure all data and asset.

BoolWallet is the first digital asset service wallet in the market that uses cold Wallet and encrypted channel communication technology. For the sake of your account security, we have designed more than five levels of risk control model, and you can feel at ease every second you use BoolWallet.

=Question4=I like boolwallet, actually I want to you guys remove the earn coins before, now they complain in coinfree, so why earn points in coinfree is hard?

=Answered by Henry Morrf:

Franky, it’s not easy to earn points in coinfree, and you also should know what’s the main reason affects the difficulty of earning points.

In general, it has 3 mainly reasons. Revenue in local area, Google admobs algorithm.(You can search it in Google help you know more about it if you don’t know totally)

Let’s make it clear. Coinfree has been released over the world, but we only recommend users come from EU and USA and a little other countries to play because revenue is really low in other countries. Such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh has almost 0.0001$ per ads video. By the way, you should know this is difficult time for all business, so revenue already down to half even in this epidemic.

So please consider more, we try our best to provide better service but it not equals free coins everyday when you have a few contribution.

And we decide to let people get bigger prizes when get points hard. So we would rather congratulate you when you open big box than give you so many points but get nothing from box.

=Question5=I want to know what’s the future features in BoolWallet

=Answered by Oaul:

Well, for BoolWallet, we may add more financial function relevant with treasury and deposit system, it’s more focused on cryptocurrencies. And all airdrop and free coin earning will be connected with Coinfree.

Such as Market and Finance, will be added in the future. Also, probably have exchange features.


Event Hold manager: Mr.Salma

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