What’s the coinfree.io?

The too many frauds deepened on those days when blockchain gradually dire straits because the prizes no more or it’s too difficult for users.

That’s the reason why we decide to develop our team in 2018. In a special day for the blockchain market we believe, a series of the proposals and the best roadmap that appear more than 10,000,000 people between blockchain market attracted we began to commenced on a technical innovation, that’s no one tried before.

The first phrase comes from a safe, simple, and cost-effective way helps us create the BoolWallet, the first version of BoolWallet deserted the complicated gimmick, we even not use Mnemonic word when people create their account. But the importantly, we spend and invested a lot of time and energy to reinforce safety, the technology manager has rich defense experience with mobile and server service. We realized that we should not evade the responsibility for safety, we can’t foist it on users without good experience.

Simple is beautiful, we want to invite all guys interested in blockchain join this, enjoy and create their first account with no tedious and difficult process.

Over time, BoolWallet has a lot of users now, and also we manager a huge sums in it, meanwhile we have to consider more features about finance, such as Swap/Market price/News and so on.

So the highlight is we must begin the new journey if we want to invest more funny games for users. Let’s make it clear, there are some users don’t like play games in wallet while another people think we should provide more games and more tasks to help them win more free coins. None of you there is nothing wrong, the only and perfect solution is we need to carve-out the mainly features in “Earn coins”, contains more games, more bets, more tasks, and no doubt more coins. Which enhances the value of itself.

We call it “CoinFree” , and create the first home for him: coinfree.io .

CoinFree is one of BoolWallet properties, born in the same office , has the same parents. It’s wonderful innovation again! Feng Kite, chief executive, said it was “one of the most important decisions we have ever had to make”.

CoinFree.io is an website and also App. You can find more interesting tasks and exciting games with fun challenges. Get rewards from ranking league, finish daily tasks and claim what’s you gonna have, users can in most circumstances claim rewards.

So, if you want to use the pure wallet with safe, beautiful, rich, I will recommend the BoolWallet to you. You still can play some games for leisure time. We’ll add more financial characters for you, make it more convenient in your blockchain life.

In addition, you must try the CoinFree if you want to earn coins for free, are completely free to play as much as they like. It’s amazing step for us.

You can use your account which register in BoolWallet to sign in CoinFree with no limit, the CoinFree account is compatible with BoolWallet’s account.

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