Why you meet the error of “Bandwidth error” when you transfer BTT?

Can I withdraw Token from BoolWallet?

Exactly Yes, you own this account when you register, you can do what you want to do. But make sure you have enough energy to transfer. Know more by search “Tron energy” in Google if not.

Why you need Bandwidth: Having TRON bandwidth allows you to perform transactions on the TRON mainnet without paying any gas fees. Having sufficient bandwidth is crucial when using dApps or transfer Trc20 Token such as BTT or Wink, where you might want to make several small transactions without having to worry about using your TRX tokens in the process. Bandwidth is also used to cement yourself as an active member of the TRON community, allowing you to cast votes for Super Representatives.

Why you need Energy: This is a special resource used to process smart contracts on the TRON network. Smart contracts consume Energy in addition to Bandwidth, so be sure you have enough of both when moving your tokens around!

Why I meet error when I transfer BTT

The most partly because the address you want to transfer has not activated yet.

You should make sure the address you transfer to is not the all new address although it can come from any wallet or any exchange platform. The simple way to check whether the address is active is searching it in Tronscan (Tron network official website), site is: tronscan

You can browsing the case below if you still don’t understand it.

One day,the guy names “Dhruv J” have a question why he can’t transfer the BTT he won before. He think it’s some restriction limit the operation he did.

But actually, it’s not.

The truth is the address he want to transfer to is not active now.

I will prove it right now.

The guy think it is activated, but it’s not.

We can copy it then search it in Transcan. Result is:

We can see the address is all new, the available bandwidth is ZERO. So it’s wrong comes from. That’s why he can’t transfer the BTT to address “TBxPvxSGUqCm32eYJyhem3VQWsuHY2XnPs” that day.

What does address looks like when it has activated? See it below:

So then he can transfer it when he find another address or make it activated before.

How to activate the address

You have two ways.

One, you can transfer 0.1TRX to the address you want to activate at least

Two, you have 0.1TRX in BoolWallet then you have Bandwidth for another address’s process of activating.

Another tips: contract validate error : Validate TransferContract error, balance is not sufficient. So, try use some try as energy if you want to transfer all while you have no enough energy in Tron chain!

There you go. Have a fun time!

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