What’s the best way to get my first coin for free in Crypto world?

Come on, that’s the role that I act now!

Today, I want to introduce the App names BoolWallet to you. So many apps misunderstand what’s the users demand, make buck for free is important, So that means you should provide the channel, add the features instead of some event in someday. That is why I believe that traditional ways, such as the event, slot, draw and something else, fail to capture what is really needs on the ground.

BoolWallet is different. BoolWallet design the task which seems like games in your phone, when you win in that, you pass the challange, then you get free coin, include TRX/BTT/USDT/BTC etc

I know you have question why the BoolWallet can giveaway all the time. Answer is GoogleAds.

Let’s see what happened.

Step1, you have a chance to win the Crypto, such as a little BTC/USDT/TRX/BTT, the numbers you can win depends on what’s the score you got in the game.

Yup, BoolWallet has designed the game join for free, you can get prize if you got a high score.

As you can see in below, the “Earn Coins” is the Menu list of BoolWallet.

Step2, what if when I fail in it?

Don’t worry, That’s the point. Everyone can reverse the level and play again if you watch the video ads if you had game failed.

So, a few users pass the level then get the prize they want.

What’s the other option for revive?

*1)Invite friends. You get some points for each person you invite, and you must have enough point at every turn.

*2) Watch videos.

*3) Sign on every day.

When you open the Box, you have chance to win sort of rewards. There is kinds of Box, sliver, gold, ect. It has different color and  it might have some stimulative effect on playing.

Step3, Does it has same prize when you got same score?

The answer is no. The prize for you is the box, you will find it out when you open it. You have no cue how many you get if you don’t open box.

Additionally, the high score you got, the prize with higher probability in games you win. But it’s not 100% certain. The shortcut is open it when you have a lot of box.

Henry, a top official at the BoolWallet’s commission, said the feature of game in the high innovation ability, where the wallet were defined by mainstream value, would create “interesting expore” on efforts to seeking endorsement for our ideas.

“It would be a record, BoolWallet did good job, you have never seen it before,” says McKinsey director and co-author James Manyika. He cites corporation stimulus, growing demand for services, rising innovation and a broad recovery as key factors in that Crypto growth.

This is the first step in blockchain, but never for BoolWallet.

Meanwhile, BoolWallet has a League in this feature, it’s a bounty in social platform.Pinned your pic and RT it, tag @BoolWallet when you become the Top10 winner, you can get extra bonus. It’s a lot!

Wish you guys love it. Know more details in Boolwallet.com

12 thoughts on “What’s the best way to get my first coin for free in Crypto world?

    1. Step1.Post any screenshot of Game playing in Twitter and tag BoolWallet.
      Step2.Join t.me/boolwallet
      Step3.Ask owner to get your 100points Extra

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