How to get Points

*Note:The reason why you win Points from box: Generally speaking, there is a partial probability to obtain points. If you only get a few, Don’t worry. If you think you get Points always, maybe caused by you invited some invalid users sign in by multiple account OR you have low contribution value in system. How to improve your contribution value?Here are some ways: Invite more active friends/ watch more ads / play more games / and something you think positive! Also you should know, the people’s contribution value you invited has influence on yours. For example, you invite 100 Users all active and have a lot positive actions. Then you can win any big prizes.(depends on how’s your luck) One day, you find you only can win the points, don’t worry, that’s means your contribution value need to increased by yourself. Try to invite more active users, do more positive actions (even let them do more positive actions) then you can get prizes again. As soon as you get more contribution values. Have a fun!

There you go, you can learn how to earn more coins in this tutorial!

By fulfilling different tasks and events in Task Center, you will get tons of points for free.

There are two major task types:

1. Signin Tasks

Everyday you can sign in for free points, and the points you get will rise up as you keep on signing in continuously. If you continuously sign in for over 5 days, there are extra prize set for you.

The extra prize shows up on turns of 15 days period. Whenever you come through 15 days signing in, you will enter next prize turn. Keep up for continuous sign in, endless prize is waiting for you.

2. Daily Task

There are several daily tasks that can help you get points in different way. You can watch a video every 2 hours or read the article everyday to get points.

Also you can invite your friends to sign in Boolwallet, each friend invited will get you points and there is no limit for it. There are even monthly invitation league prepared for those users who invited the most to obtain extra prize.

Another good way to win points, you can take a chance in Lucky spin and Slot. Everyday you will gain one more times to get points, even cryptos.

For those users who have participated in our events for long time, we also prepared Keys for exchanging points. How to get the Keys? Please join our telegram group for newest updates.

What can I do with those points?

1. You can challenge yourself in different games for various Boxes and reward.

Each game has free trial and challenge mode. You can either enjoy the game in free trial mode or spend points to challenge Boxes. Please pay attention that in free trial mode you won’t get any reward even you reach the goal. If your score in challenge mode is high enough to rank in game League, you can win more bonus for your effort.

2. If you are not quite good at games, we have Box shop for you to buy different Boxes directly. Rewards in Boxes are random in cryptos and quantity, have a good time shopping.

Each Box contains different cryptocurrency, the Box type are listed below:

a. Gold Box contains a random reward in:BTC, USDT, TRX and Points.

b. Silver Box contains a random reward in USDT, TRX, BTT and Points.

c. Bronze Box contains a random reward in USDT, TRX, BTT and Points.

3. For those users who have higher goals and bigger appetite, there are bet games to take a chance. You can use points there to test your luck. To win a big prize, or to lose all your effort, that will be a hard choice then.

*Note: We design approaches to measuring the value of user’s contribution to the BoolWallet. So the number of people you invited, the users you invited have better behavior(Sign in / Watch ads / Invite / Play game / Transfer) , the easier you won BTT/TRX/USDT/BTC,otherwise you get points temporary!

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