There is team confirmation Granted statement

Chloe (Marketing Manager)

•  Responsible for the promotion of Boolwallet on different social channels. 

•  Develop and manage communities through social networks.

•  Organize and promote events, activities, and meetups with our users.

Nancy (Business cooperator)

 Conduct scheduled tracking on a cooperated business project. 

•  Build a business relationship with third parties and our partners.

•  Support our team members in the cooperated project on communication and execution.

Henry Morff (Community Manager)

•  Build and promote Boolwallet community around the world

•  Responsible for producing promoting videos on Youtube.

Vivian (Marketing manager [Has Resigned])

•  Cooperate with partners around the crypto, Market negotiation, and seeking cooperation scheme.

•  Responsible for marketing targets in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Vivian has joined a new project named CryptoForSpeed( There is action with granted

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