How to set Google Authenticator?

Google Authenticator is a dynamic code generator for mobile devices, works like SMS on phone. After binding with the device, it generates a dynamic code very 30 seconds, the code can be used for the verification of transfer, changing payment password and safety setting.

1. Download Google Authenticator on your phone. You can both download it in Boolwallet by clicking the download button, or download it through those ways:

For iOS users, you can search “Authenticator” on AppStore, for Android users on Application store or search “Authenticator” on browser.

iOS download link:

Android download link:

2. Open Google Authenticator and click “+”,select “Enter a provided key”, and enter the information required below and click “ADD”to save.

3. Enter the provided key in “Bind Google Authenticator”page, then the Authenticator on your phone will generate a code with 6 digits.

4. Go back to Boolwallet and enter the code from authenticator and after SMS verification, the Google Authenticator will be activated.

5. From now on, you need to fill in the 6 digit code from Google Authenticator when the safety operation in Boolwallet requires GA. Please pay attention that, the code changed every 30s from time to time, always enter the newest code.

Special tips: You can keep the provide key or QR code in a good place in case your phone is lost, you can reset the binding on your new phone.

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