Chole give an account of BoolWallet |布尔钱包海外市场推广大使Chole介绍产品细节

(本文为BoolWallet海外市场总监Chole YouTube视频英文介绍的中文翻译版本)



Hello, everyone, I’m the marketing manager for BoolWallet,you can call me Mike. I joined the BoolWallet team three months ago, and what impressed me was their clear vision and product innovation and concept. I am currently responsible for the promotion of BoolWallet in social channels.


To be honest, there are many wallet products that you can choose now. Is boolwallet different? OK,I will say, I had such questions before I joined, but now I can tell you that boolwallet is a completely different product, which brings us a new opportunity to understand blockchain and digital assets.


Last month, I recommended the internal test version of boolwallet to my friends along with other products. They all agreed that boolwallet was better because it was simpler. Yes,let me make it clear, blockchain security should never be a concern for users. If the wallet team is unable to solve the security problem, it will throw out just complex concepts to users interested in digital assets. So, BoolWallet choose another way, That means developers provided the requisite safety for users when you have cloud account in BoolWallet.


Using BoolWallet may be very simple for you. You can’t even find the difference between it and Paypal. This is the huge change brought about by ease of use. Maybe you can recommend it to your grandma, and I promise she will be able to do it easily.


BoolWallet provides users with encrypted communication chat function. You can directly communicate with your friends online in BoolWallet, and all communication content cannot be intercepted and deciphered by any third party or person.


Well, if you want to talk about the advantages of three BoolWallet, I think it will be the following three.



The first, BoolWallet provides private key hosting service through cloud wallet, which paves the way for newcomer to enter the blockchain world. We hired a professional security team to conduct a strict security test on the wallet service, we pass it. solve the ease of use and security problems in the use of the wallet.



Second,BoolWallet is the first digital asset service wallet in the market that uses cold Wallet and encrypted channel communication technology. For the sake of your account security, we have designed more than five levels of risk control model, and you can feel at ease every second you use BoolWallet.



Third,a team of designers from Brussels provides UI design services for BoolWallet. All design elements are subject to strict patent inspection and health review. In the fresh and bright interface style, it also ensures the natural comfort of visual senses.


What’s more, the current online version of BoolWallet is only the first functional part. In the future, more interesting games and other features will be added to make everyone feel the fun of blockchain.


Download boolwallet to participate in ‘daily lottery’, and the developer told me that the probability of winning is very high now. And there’s no limit to the number of times. You can draw it every day. In the future, Boolwallet will also have the invitation feature. If it is shared on the social platform, or you invited other friends to download, you will also get a greater chance of winning prize.

当然,既然我是市场推广大使,这一次上线也给大家来一些奖品吧,算是迟到的圣诞节礼物。如果大家愿意,可以下载boolwallet后,截图到twitter,并tag @boolwallet, 说出你的想法和意见,我们会抽取一些幸运者发放BTT作为奖励。当然如果你的意见被采纳,我本人还有礼物要送给你,留个惊喜吧!

Of course, since I’m a marketing ambassador, I’d like to give you some bonus this time. It’s a belated Christmas present. If you like, you can download the boolwallet, take a screenshot to twitter, and tag @ boolwallet, to say your thoughts and opinions. We will draw some lucky people to give some BTT as a reward. Of course, if your opinion is accepted, I have a gift for you, leave a surprise,OK?


Now let’s talk about the little functions in the wallet


First, social features. For example, we often need to transfer money with our friends. It’s very tedious to find and input the address every time. In BoolWallet, we can add friend with each other in BoolWallet.


we suggest that you recommend him to register for BoolWallet , so that you can use BoolWallet’s chat function to add friends to each other, and then you can transfer when you chat in BoolWallet just like use emoji.


In addition, I would like to mention the unique miner fee setting function of BoolWallet.


If you don’t set the miner’s fee, don’t worry about it at all, because BoolWallet will intelligently set the optimal miner’s fee for you according to the network situation in real time, so as to ensure that you can transfer with the most favorable miner’s fee conveniently and quickly.


Of course, if you want to set the miner’s fee by yourself, you can customize the miner’s fee by clicking the “set” button next to the “transaction fee”. The miner’s fee affects the transaction speed. If you don’t care the transaction speed, you can keep it default.


Welcome to join our official group,that’s Telegram, the site just show on the screen, boolwallet, let’s use it together!


BoolWallet is a blockchain digital asset management tool. Provide users with secure, accurate and timely digital asset services. everyone can easily and safely use the blockchain service through encrypted communication, and isolation storage technology.

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